Iconic DressesCan you name the wearers of these 5 iconic dresses?
Good Luck !

Who wore this world famous wedding dress?

Sarah Ferguson

Princess Diana

Grace Kelly

Lady Sarah Chatto

Who wore this famous saftey pin dress?

Liz Hurley


Gwyneth Paltrow

Khloe Kardashian

This Union Jack dress has real girl power, but who wore it?

Emma Bunton

Geri Halliwell

Melanie Chisholm

Victoria Beckham

Which Royal wore this sapphire blue engagement dress?

Princess Diana

Princess Eugenie

Princess Beatrice

Kate Middleton

This bridesmaids rear is as famous as her dress, but who is it?

Keira Knightly

Molly King

Holly Willoughby

Pippa Middleton


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    Great competition lovely dress fingers crossed

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    Great competition

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