Payment Information FAQ

When will I be charged?

When you reach the final billing page we will immediately contact your bank/card issuer for authorisation to take payment from your account.

If the payment is authorised, you will receive an email within a few minutes confirming your order, and payment will be taken from your account.

If payment is authorised but we have a query with your order, an email will be sent to you to advise you of the nature of the query. If we are unable to resolve the query after 5 working days a full refund will be issued back to your card.

If the payment is not authorised by your bank or card issuer, you will receive an instant notification on screen. If the card issuer is refusing your card there is nothing we are able to do as this is beyond our control. You will have to either try a different card or try again the next day.

Which payment methods do you accept?

We accept all major credit and debit cards. We also accept PayPal and Amazon Payments.

Can I pay by any other method?

Unfortunately not. We only accept payment with the listed card operators.

What currency do you use?

All Payments are taken in UK Pound Sterling (GBP). If you are purchasing from outside the UK, the GBP price will be converted to your own currency by your bank/card operator.

Can I view prices in my own currency?

A 'Change Currency' facility is available in the top right of the header. Click the currency ‘flag’ and it will display the equivalent guide price in the following currencies*

*Please note that these exchange rates are based on the daily bank rate and may differ to the exchange rate that your credit card provider charges. If you want an exact conversion we recommend that you check the exchange rate with your credit card provider.